Lou Perrotta – Rewind Band
Bass & Vocals

Lou Perrotta

Lou Perrotta is the bass guitarist for Rewind Band.  Lou began his life of music in the 3rd grade as a trumpet player.  In 1968 he picked up the bass guitar and has played it ever since.

Lou has toured with the band “ZARAS” and played a variety of venues including Atlantic City and Las Vegas.  Over the years, Lou has played with many bands including Albatross, Phase V, the Larry Stuart Show, and Crow Brothers just to name a few.

Lou grew up in New Jersey and has also lived in Florida where he served as the Fire Chief of Coral Springs. He relocated to Central Virginia in 2003 and played with several local bands including Broken Angel, Free Spirit, Time Travelers and now Rewind.

Lou is married to Denise Perrotta (band photographer).  When he’s not jamming with Rewind, he enjoys hiking and traveling.